We are one of the creative agencies that help narrate the beauty of the product stories. Every product has something special to reveal. Something that inspires. We mine for the heart of the product and share it.

The RISN team will work alongside you to make sure your value radiate through the right experiences- communications, throughout your advertising. If you believe there are more possibilities in your products, please contact us.


We believe in the power of design.
But we also offer different tools to help sell your product, whenever design is not enough.
We create a welcoming atmosphere so you can feel free to ask for any advice.


Our team’s roots are in communication development. From corporate identity, package design, to mass advertising and web design, we have a wide range of communication tools we can help you with. And by working together we will develop the best plan for you. From insight research to planning support, to casting and illustration, we have partnerships with leading companies to offer a full service similar to the top advertising agencies.

サービス一覧 :

Brand Strategy / Advertising / Product Design / Logo Design / Photography / Video Production / Web Design / Character Design / Novelty Items / Etc.


The use of television is fundamental to lower your reach cost. But the balance between the expensive media costs of a large scale campaign and the need to lower you unit cost is a common challenge. With that in mind, we offer a cost reduction service, using a magazine and newspaper advertising combination. Also, through a partnership with Media Wave, we develop free VOD programme for business hotels. Our aim is to provide excellency in segmentation for audiovisual advertising.

サービス一覧 :

Media Planning / Media Buyer for Newspaper, Magazine, Transit Advertising / Product Placement / PR / Advertising Distribution for Business Hotels or VOD / Etc.


CRM Consulting service is provided by a team of consultants with foreign capital experience. By maximizing costumer value (LTV) and improving the unit cost, we aim to build a continuing relationship with our advertising clients. With the cooperation of our Media division, we measure the effectiveness of marketing and media tools in order to optimize the ROI. We offer a comprehensive data analysis service, with a scientific and grounded approach.

サービス一覧 :

CRM Consulting / Database Management / Loyalty Program Development / Campaign Development / Research / Etc.



パッケージデザイン - 湊水産株式会社

Four and a half years have past since the Great East Japan Earthquake. While figuring out a way to contribute with our work, we were given a great chance to do that. We started working together with Minato Suisan, a 30 year old cod roe company from Ishinomaki, on their re-branding. Ishinomaki city was by far the most affected area, being destroyed not only by the earthquake but also by the large tsunami that followed. Minato Suisan became a victim and suffered severe damages. But even so, the company never gave up, and built a new factory building and reached 1st place in the Rakuten Cod Roe Ranking. With this company's spirit in mind, we started developing new package designs, new wrapping paper among others. We wish to see more and more smiles from Minato Suisan and also from all the people of Ishinomaki.

Corporate Profile

Company name
RISN Limited
Head office address
Bayside Takeshiba #1107, 1-14-17, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
10.000.000 yen
Creative Director / CEO
Rikiya Maruta
Rikiya Maruta is the Creative Director and the Representative of RISN Limited an independent advertising agency. He has over 18 years of experience in advertising industry. He started his career as a freelance designer. He then joined JWT Tokyo as the Art Director where he developed award-winning campaigns for multinational clients such as Nestle Unilever and Shell. After 5 years at JWT he founded RISN Limited in 2005 an independent creative agency specialized in development and execution of viral campaign and design of CI BI and package for various large clients both in and outside Japan. In the meantime he pursued research on communication design at the Graduate School of Media and Governance of Keio University as well as gives lectures at schools including Hokkaido University, Sapporo City University and Keio University in order to enhance his business activities with latest research findings.

Work with us

[Recruiting position] Designer

Skills and experience are essencial, but we are looking for forward thinkers. People with an enduring spirit, who won’t give up in the face of challenge or until the job is done. Also, someone who can not only follow intructions, but able to skillfuly manage their own tasks. We look forward to crafting new ideas with someone like that.

[Works] Advertising ・ Sales Promotion ・ Web ・ POS design.
[Employment status] Full time (mid)
[Requirements] More than 2 years of work experience 
[Location] Tokyo head office 
[Working hours] 10:30〜19:30
[Salary] from ¥ 200,000(monthly)
[Trial period] 3 months ※ May vary depending on the skill and experience (same salary as the time recruited)
[Benefits・Welfare] Commuting expenses and Medical Insurance 
[Holiday・Vacation] Full five-day week (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

Applicants who wish to apply, please contact Yamazaki from the following contact form.